Stop Running

Girl Vibes

Dec 1 2023 • 13 mins

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Are you running from God? Do you think that you've messed up too badly...gone too far down the wrong road...ashamed, guilty? Sometimes we run from God when we feel this way, we hide, we put up walls, we create distance from God because we don't feel like He could ever forgive us...because sometimes it's hard to forgive ourselves.

Or maybe you've never met God because you are scared of facing Him knowing that He knows everything about you...maybe you don't feel worthy...maybe you don't believe...maybe you think it's easier to live your life on your own terms?

There may be many reasons why you are running from God. But He is the answer, the missing puzzle piece in your life. I've never met anyone who said they regret getting to know our Father.  Stop running!

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You.

Shine Your Light.