Between Two Curators

Jenn Ellis and Cliff Lauson

Join curators Jenn Ellis and Cliff Lauson as their love of all things artistic, inspirational, and creative connects them to amazing people. From art to astrophysics, and food to feng shui, they are on a mission to find out what makes creative people tick. @jenncellis and @clifflauson are London-based visual arts curators, who were recently nominated for an award for the driest sense of humour.[Artwork: Ambar-Maya Johnsson / Music: Pedro Velasco]
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Season Two Hilarity and Highlights
Season Two Hilarity and HighlightsOpening Hearts and Minds with Yoga Pioneer Jordan AshleyGrowing a Local Cafe Culture with Restauranteur Dominic HamdyFood for Thought with Experience-Maker Zia Zareem-SladeFrom the Earth to Plant and Plate with Ceramicist Francesca AnfossiLife’s a Horror Show (In a Good Way) with Film Programmer Caryn ColemanWriting Against Racism with Author and Commentator Nels AbbeyOptimising the Way We Work with Wellness Entrepreneur Christina DislerInspiring Change with Beautiful Things by Entrepreneur Jessica KrugerFinding Life’s Middle C with American Composer Nico MuhlyCreating Jaw-Dropping Visuals with Mega-Designer Es DevlinSeason One Hilarity and HighlightsFabricating Reality in Hollywood Movies with Visual Effects Supervisor Julian FoddyMaking Music Bigger Than the Genre with Grime MC MaxstaLooking for “Incredibly Tiny” Particles with Quantum Physicist Ben AllanachOn being human and belonging to humanity with communicator Keshia HannamLiving the Sweat Life with Yoga Teacher, Will WheelerElevating Eating with Food Designer and Chef Imogen KwokDefining Style in Fashion (and Food) with Jason BasmajianSamantha Holdsworth, co-founder of Nimble Fish, founder of Clowns without Borders UK