Waiting to be Chosen? - with Barbara Katz

Lilith Speaks

Jun 27 2022 • 52 mins

This weeks guest is Barbara Katz a dating and relationship coach based in Canada, and we dived into a conversation about how

"Waiting to be Chosen" is preventing people from stepping into their power and how transforming this truely the lives of the people that Barabara and  I work with and change transform yours too.

Barbara is a professional Dating & Relationship Coach, Interpersonal Communication Specialist, and founder of the company Flirt Factor.

She works with single accomplished professionals age 40+ from around the world to have the deeply loving, supportive and healthy relationship they desire.
She helps her clients:
Feel as confident in their love life as they do in their professional life
Quickly identify the core issues holding them back
Change the dating patterns sabotaging them
Connect easier with someone they find attractive
She is also a live event provider for the dating site Match.com, a trained Co-Active Coach from Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael California and holds a Practitioner Certification from NLP Canada.

Over 70% of Barbara’s clients are in long-term, loving relationships - and sometimes even before she finishes working with them.


She can be reached at:

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