Diversity & Inclusion and so much more: A talk with John Shaw and Anthony Carthew

The Future Assistant

Jun 30 2021 • 51 mins

051: What a fabulous talk was this. Thank you Anthony and John for such a humble and authentic discussion. I am so honored to have you both in my network as you are wonderful ambassadors for our profession.

Anthony Carthew is a career professional with more than 25 years experience in PA & EA roles across government, corporate and entertainment industries. He joined the Sydney Opera House in 2006, and is currently Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer Louise Herron, as well as the Head of Protocol - responsible for overseeing the arrangements for the Opera House’s many visiting dignitaries and VIPs, including heads of state and members of royal families from around the globe.
Anthony manages a team of Executive Assistants, and heads up the Sydney Opera House Pride network, to help promote diversity and inclusion at the Opera House for its staff, partners and visitors.
His past roles include senior EA roles at David Jones (Australia’s leading department store), the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, amongst others.
In 2018, Anthony was awarded EA of the Year Australasia (Executive PA Media), has spoken at many conferences and events in support of the EA profession, and is a highly-regarded mentor for aspiring PAs and EAs.

John Shaw is a familiar face on my podcast and I am grateful he agreed to be part of this discussion as well.

After 13 years of providing administrative support to award-winning recording artists and celebrities, John left the entertainment industry to broaden his knowledge and skills, and hone his talent further with a move into management consulting. He eventually returned to the world of entertainment, supporting the head of marketing of three major television networks, but John still felt he had something bigger to offer to the world. He found the opportunity he’d been looking for to make a bigger impact as part of his career, when he was hired in 2014 by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation CEO, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, to be her executive assistant. He now works as Executive Business Administrator to the Board of Directors for Microsoft. When John’s not at work, you can find him with his family and his beloved dogs.

Here is the book link we talked about in this episode. I have this book as well and read it probably 100 times already: https://www.amazon.de/Hit-Refresh-Rediscover-Microsofts-Everyone-ebook/dp/B01HOT5SQA

Enjoy this episode. Much love, Diana x