51: Mastering ROI-Driven Marketing- with Chris Peer

a BROADcast for Manufacturers

May 15 2024 • 21 mins

Meet Chris Peer

Chris brings more than 20 years of experience in B2B digital marketing strategy, lead generation, and marketing consultancy for manufacturing firms. An author and entrepreneur, Chris is the founder and CEO of G8P and SyncShow.

Having witnessed the pain and frustration caused by ineffective marketing, Chris and his team developed the Great 8 Pillars to transform the marketing department from a corporate expense into a profit center. He has helped hundreds of companies scale through world-class marketing best practices.

Chris’ perspective on marketing operations transcends tactical methodologies and focuses on people, strategies, systems, and software to move the needle.

Today, Chris’ focus remains on helping B2B manufacturing companies scale through his companies, consulting, and speaking.


00:00 Kicking Off with Favorite Holidays Discussion

01:48 Introducing Today's Guest: Chris Peer

03:28 Unveiling the Great Eight Pillars of Marketing

06:12 Deep Dive into Goals and Value Proposition

07:57 Exploring the Certification Program for Marketers

12:00 B2B vs B2C Marketing Insights

14:32 Learning Segment: AI, Shipping Strategies, and Oysters

19:19 Wrapping Up with Contact Information and Offers

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