39: Dismantling Cordial Hypocrisy for Future Success - with Dotty Posto

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Nov 15 2023 • 26 mins

Meet Dotty Posto

Dotty started out as a business analyst and project manager. In these roles she repeatedly got 'Does Not Play Well with Others'. It wasn't until she was introduced to Change Management and Organizational Development work and received transformational coaching that her career and life shifted. Dotty has worked with iconic brands like The Chicago Tribune, KPMG Peat Marwick, Hewitt Associates, Harley Davidson, and Molson Coors.

Dotty is a Leadership Consultant and Coach specializing in helping leaders and teams turn around the Curse of Cordial Hypocrisy where bullies have created a 'nice' organization and it's costing them money and opportunities and creating more risk.

What is the curse of cordial hypocrisy?

So, the curse of cordial hypocrisy is when you have people being nice, being agreeing. They're either being silent or they're being agreeable and it's a lie. So maybe they're afraid of someone or maybe they've been shut down in the past.

Maybe there's someone who's just really dominating every conversation. And so they either stay silent or agree when they really don't agree. It creates a lot of problems in an organization because then you've got lower productivity in the background because people are behind the scenes.

I'm not doing that. I don't agree with that. So there's all of this conversation in the background that is in disagreement with whatever was going on. Then whatever project or whatever they're trying to move forward isn't going to move forward. They're not going to get the same traction. They're not going to have the same speed. They're not going to have the same results. If not, everyone is in alignment, and not everyone agrees and not everyone wants to move forward. And you'll also find where people are doing this out of loyalty because they've been here a really long time.

People aren't tapping into their own wisdom and the group is not leveraging the wisdom of everybody on their team.

Do you do you actually see a difference in various industries or sectors and receptivity to these ideas? And if you do, what are some of the tools that people can use if it's not as natural for them to bring these into into how they do their work?

I think there's validity to what you're saying in terms of manufacturing often being the old school or an old style of leadership. And when I say old style, some more of a command and control.

I think age is part of it. There was a gentleman in a manufacturing plant I did some work with. After the eight months that I worked with them, the CEO retired. So he was an older leader and he and his leadership team, some of which were older, some of who were in their kind of mid career, and it took some time. They did create openness, but with that top leader being open to it.

He has built some social capital with that team, and so I think that is a critical piece to have the trust. I was working with the HR manager who I had also worked with earlier in my career, and it took a bit for him to kind of crack open a little bit. But the more you've got senior leadership involved, this can make a difference. And it made a huge difference on his team. He had some very volatile leaders. He had some very defensive leaders. There's one activity that we did in the beginning that absolutely changed things.

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