The Double Click: Our Covid Journey

Gautham & Hasan

HOW ARE WE GOING TO BE IN 2021? 4 countries, 6 time zones, 7 different languages, 7000 miles away from home, ~2100 hours of nightly Zoom, AND a relentless Global Pandemic. We are blessed and fortunate - after spending more than 80% of 2020 in uncertainty and doubt, we are finally home safe. We may have a few dents, but we have our family, jobs, and still a sense of humor. Yet, we do pause when we hear, “How are you doing?” This has been a complicated question. Covid19 has had a profound impact on relationships, health (mental & physical), work, priorities...In our quest to dive deeper, we are creating a weekly podcast to share our experiences and ask like-minded individuals “how they are doing” in 2020. Our goal is to learn from each other and have a few laughs along the way while also contemplating "how we are going to be in 2021". We all will be creating the future together, collectively, as one big community. Check out our video and tune in to our 1st Podcast next week. read less