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Dark Downeast: Maine and New England's True Crime Podcast digs into the decades-old and modern day cases that prickle the history of Vacationland and beyond – the unsolved homicides, undetermined deaths, unexplained disappearances and other dark stories of New England. Investigative journalist and storyteller Kylie Low gets straight to the story with a mix of narrated episodes and documentary style production featuring interviews with surviving family and friends and insight on the investigations from detectives and sources who know these cases best. This is heart-centered, ethical true crime, bringing light to stories you’re not hearing on other podcasts. It is Dark Downeast's mission to honor the legacy of the humans at the heart of each story and bring new attention to the cases still awaiting justice.  View source material, photos, and learn more darkdowneast.com. Follow @darkdowneast on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. To suggest a case, please visit darkdowneast.com/submit-case/. read less

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Stephen King fans know how much the author uses New England locales like Maine and New Hampshire as the background for his horror stories. But many horrific—and real crimes—have occurred in the area. The Dark Downeast true crime podcast talks about real crimes in this part of New England. The "Downeast" part of the name comes from a slang term sailors used to describe Maine.

Journalist and host Kylie Low is a native of Maine who returned during the pandemic. She loves the state and acknowledges that there's a reason it's called "Vacationland." But the state has its share of terrible crimes. Low started the Dark Downeast podcast in 2020 for this reason.

In 2003, someone put arsenic in a Maine church's coffee urn and poisoned 16 people, with one dying. Who did it? And why? Listeners can hear about this fascinating but sad story on the podcast.

The host points out that 70 missing person cases in the state are still unsolved. The Dark Downeast podcast talks about some of these cases. Bobby Desmond was a Maine child who disappeared in 1964. His parents never even reported him missing. In 2018, Steve Borst, a Kennebunk detective, decided to examine the case. He talks on Dark Downeast about what he has discovered so far. The disappearance is still unsolved. But Desmond's half-sister told him about their abusive home. Borst asks the public on the show for help in solving the crime.

The show also talks about true crime stories in nearby New Hampshire. Carrie Moss and Sonya Moore are two 14-year-old girls who disappeared at separate times in that state in 1989 and are still missing. What happened? Are the cases related? Low explains the stories to her listeners. New episodes of Dark Downeast drop every other week.

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The Murder of Jimmy Stone (Connecticut)
Sep 11 2023
The Murder of Jimmy Stone (Connecticut)
CONNECTICUT, 2018: On the night of May 18, 2018, 36-year old James “Jimmy” Stone Jr. was loading up his belongings from the trailer where he once lived on the Golden Hill Paugussett Reservation in Colchester, Connecticut to take them to his new apartment. Somehow, the mundane task of packing and moving became a deadly one. Jimmy never made it off the reservation alive.The investigation into the murder of Jimmy Stone is ongoing, and though Connecticut State Police continue to work diligently on his case, crucial details that could clear the fog over what happened on that remote stretch of road through a private, rural community still evade them.Jimmy’s family, including his sister Jenny Stone, are hopeful that somebody will come forward with the critical information that could piece together the events of that fateful night. Jenny is on Dark Downeast to share her big brother’s story. It’s the story of a man who triumphed over so much in his life only to have it end at the hands of a still unknown killer.Connecticut State Police have announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the death of Jimmy Stone. Anyone with information is asked to contact state police at david.bennett@ct.gov, or call 860-465-5456. View source material and photos for this episode at darkdowneast.com/jimmystone Dark Downeast is an audiochuck and Kylie Media production hosted by Kylie Low.Follow @darkdowneast on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTokTo suggest a case visit darkdowneast.com/submit-case