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Dark Downeast: Maine and New England's True Crime Podcast digs into the decades-old and modern day cases that prickle the history of Vacationland and beyond – the unsolved homicides, undetermined deaths, unexplained disappearances and other dark stories of New England. Investigative journalist and storyteller Kylie Low gets straight to the story with a mix of narrated episodes and documentary style production featuring interviews with surviving family and friends and insight on the investigations from detectives and sources who know these cases best. This is heart-centered, ethical true crime, bringing light to stories you’re not hearing on other podcasts. It is Dark Downeast's mission to honor the legacy of the humans at the heart of each story and bring new attention to the cases still awaiting justice.  View source material, photos, and learn more darkdowneast.com Follow @darkdowneast on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok To suggest a case, email hello@darkdowneast.com read less

Our Editor's Take

Stephen King fans know how much the author uses New England locales like Maine and New Hampshire as the background for his horror stories. But many horrific—and real crimes—have occurred in the area. The Dark Downeast true crime podcast talks about real crimes in this part of New England. The "Downeast" part of the name comes from a slang term sailors used to describe Maine.

Journalist and host Kylie Low is a native of Maine who returned during the pandemic. She loves the state and acknowledges that there's a reason it's called "Vacationland." But the state has its share of terrible crimes. Low started the Dark Downeast podcast in 2020 for this reason.

In 2003, someone put arsenic in a Maine church's coffee urn and poisoned 16 people, with one dying. Who did it? And why? Listeners can hear about this fascinating but sad story on the podcast.

The host points out that 70 missing person cases in the state are still unsolved. The Dark Downeast podcast talks about some of these cases. Bobby Desmond was a Maine child who disappeared in 1964. His parents never even reported him missing. In 2018, Steve Borst, a Kennebunk detective, decided to examine the case. He talks on Dark Downeast about what he has discovered so far. The disappearance is still unsolved. But Desmond's half-sister told him about their abusive home. Borst asks the public on the show for help in solving the crime.

The show also talks about true crime stories in nearby New Hampshire. Carrie Moss and Sonya Moore are two 14-year-old girls who disappeared at separate times in that state in 1989 and are still missing. What happened? Are the cases related? Low explains the stories to her listeners. New episodes of Dark Downeast drop every other week.

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What Really Happened to Bryan Nisenfeld?
May 15 2023
What Really Happened to Bryan Nisenfeld?
On February 6, 1997, 18-year old Bryan Nisenfeld sat in his afternoon literature class at Roger Williams University in Providence, Rhode Island. Bryan was acting differently during class that day, almost despondent. Where he went after class, what the final moments of his life entailed, is still a mystery. He was simply never seen or heard from again. He never returned to the campus or even to his dorm room. His bank account showed no activity. He didn’t call home. Roger Williams University did not notify Bryan’s family of their son’s disappearance for almost a week.Months later, as summer was coming to an end, a family walking along the shore of Hog Island came upon a lone hiking boot. Inside was a wool sock and a severed foot. 2- DNA tests eventually confirmed the remains to be those of Bryan Nisenfeld. What really happened to Bryan Nisenfeld? Whether an accident, a self-made choice, or foul play, Bryan’s parents hold steadfast to their belief that more could have been done if only Bryan’s disappearance had been reported to police, or to them, and acted upon much sooner. At the very least, maybe they would have some answers.If you have information that could help bring a conclusion to Bryan Nisenfeld’s case, please call 877-RI-SOLVE.Shop Sarah Madeira Day with code: DOWNEAST for 20% off your order of unstretched and paper printsView source material and photos for this episode at darkdowneast.comFollow @darkdowneast on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTokTo suggest a case, email hello@darkdowneast.comSupport Dark Downeast on Buy Me a CoffeeShop Dark Downeast merch at darkdowneast.com/shop
The Roy Weber Story: The Invisible World of Male Sex Work
May 8 2023
The Roy Weber Story: The Invisible World of Male Sex Work
RHODE ISLAND, 2003: On Christmas morning in 2003, a security guard on the Johnson & Wales Harborside campus in Providence, Rhode Island discovered the body of a young man leaning up against a chain link fence. Fingerprints would later identify the man as 22-year old Roy Weber. Roy was part of a population of men who engaged in street-based sex work in Providence, many of them exchanging sexual acts for money to support their substance use. Almost 20 years later, Roy’s homicide is still unsolved. Police have photos of a man they’ve said could have information about what happened to Roy, and yet no arrests have been made to this day.Richard Holcomb knew Roy Weber, their lives intertwined by their mutual lifestyle at the time. He’s now in recovery, and Rich has spent much of his adult life advocating and raising awareness for street-based sex work and helping researchers, health care professionals, and the general public better understand the realities of that life, one that he fell into at a young age.This is the case of Roy Weber, but it’s also the story of Richard Holcomb and how he sought recovery and helped reclaim Roy Weber’s legacy by helping other men like him. If you have information about the 2003 unsolved homicide of Roy Weber, please contact the Providence Police Department at (401) 272-3121.Watch Invisible, a documentary about male sex work in Providence, RIShop Sarah Madeira Day with code: DOWNEAST for 20% off your order of unstretched and paper printsView source material and photos for this episode at darkdowneast.comFollow @darkdowneast on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTokTo suggest a case, email hello@darkdowneast.comSupport Dark Downeast on Buy Me a CoffeeShop Dark Downeast merch at darkdowneast.com/shop
Introducing The Fall Line: “Sherry or Cheryl” Jane Doe
Apr 4 2023
Introducing The Fall Line: “Sherry or Cheryl” Jane Doe
In March of 1976, a young woman was discovered, with no obvious trauma, in the Harpeth River in Nashville; she carried on her a picture of a little boy, and a trail that led to witnesses who said she’d hitchhiked with a mysterious friend, all the way from Minnesota—but that trail led nowhere. Without the possibility of DNA testing, the best shot of identifying “Sherry” Jane Doe is using her extremely accurate forensic art, and the details she shared of her life—and, perhaps, a daughter that ties her to South Carolina.The Fall Line has commissioned new isolated forensic art of her teeth to share with the public in hopes that this information will aid in identification; you can see this image and all others associated with the case on our website. To submit information, please contact Detective Filter at Metro Nashville Police at 615-862-7803.Pre order Laurah Norton's book LAY THEM TO REST: https://www.hachettebooks.com/titles/laurah-norton/lay-them-to-rest/9780306828805/Submit a case to The Fall Line: https://www.thefalllinepodcast.com/case-submissionsWritten, researched, and hosted by Laurah Norton, with research assistance from Bryan Worters, Kyana Burgess, and Michaela Morrill/Interviews by Brooke Hargrove/Produced, scored, and engineered by Maura Currie/Content advisors are Brandy C. Williams, Liv Fallon, and Vic Kennedy/ Theme music by RJR/Special thanks to Liz Lipka and Sarah Turney Sources at The Fall Line's website: https://www.thefalllinepodcast.com/sourcesJoin The Fall Line on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thefalllinepodcast2023 All Rights Reserved The Fall Line® Podcast, LLCWant to advertise/sponsor The Fall Line show?For The Fall Line Inquiries contact Glassbox Media: https://glassboxmedia.com/contact-us/