Living a BOLD Life /// Jessica Frew /// EP140:Part2

More In Common

Oct 14 2021 • 35 mins

So many things try to dictate how we act. It's easy to follow when we don't know who we really are.

In Part 2 of this conversation with Jessica, we really get into what it looks like to navigate acting most aligned to who you are and not what you are told.

The navigation of self within the social structures of our social ecosystems is a balance many do not achieve.  Jessica gets into what this looks like for her as she is an example of what is truly possible to live a happy life.


Today we are with Jessica Frew, co-host of the "Husband in Law" Podcast.  A podcast for those who are open-minded enough to let go of the religious and social norms they have been taught we should all fit into.

Steve, Jessica, and Matt walk through the science of making a relationship successful.  Steve and Jessica were happily married for seven years until Steve came out as being gay, which inevitably ended in divorce. Now, Matt and Jessica have been happily married for six years.

Matt, Jessica, and Steve have a relationship that, by most standards, would be considered atypical.

Sharing stories of love, marriage, children, divorce, the struggles of religious norms, homosexuality, and trying to be our best selves, this podcast holds nothing back and shares what most people are scared to talk about.

Jessica is really passionate about Living a BOLD life and how it not only impacts us personally but also in the way we show up in our relationships.


Topics we discuss:

  • Managing judgement
    • Being divorced in the Mormon Church
    • Accepting her ex husband
    • Accepting a "Different" life
  • Religious identity
    • What being Mormon means to her
    • Loving and not loving it at the same time
    • Questioning
  • Her journey of self-discovery
    • Journaling
    • Helping others on their journey
  • Parenting her child to be herself




Main Theme: "Eaze Does It" by Shye Eaze and DJ Rufbeats, a More In Common Podcast Exclusive.

All music created by DJ Rufbeats