Games are for Everyone /// Krysten Callina /// Part2:EP148

More In Common

Feb 10 2022 • 29 mins

In a postindustrial, technology centric, world we are taught to be productive, get a job, work, work, work…

We reserve play for short periods of time and for our childhood.  Yet, we are increasingly demanding more productivity of our children to get ahead.

The thing about play, is that it is a necessity of life.  We need it.  We especially need it to improve learning and how we absorb information.  Games are a great way to help kids learn and also enjoy life.

Mastermind Adventures is helping kids who have a hard time learning social and emotional skills.  They are doing it by challenging kids through games so they also have fun with their life.


Today we are with Krysten Callina.  She is the Founder of Mastermind Adventures LLC, a talent management agency for professional game masters of tabletop role playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons).  Krysten helps people find connection and community through games so they can embrace their creativity and individuality and have more fun. Her goal is to create the industry standard for professional game masters and to establish a vibrant, safe community of fans of role playing games.

Examples of non-traditional game applications developed by Mastermind Adventures are Quest! Adventure Game for Social Skills Mastery to help kids improve their social emotional skills, and The Game of Influencers, a unique training program for businesses to learn about how to use influencers as part of a marketing strategy.

Mastermind Adventures is currently developing programs that will serve as inroads for young people into the gaming industry - especially for kids in marginalized communities. Krysten is a serial entrepreneur, loves cooking, gardening, photography, interior decorating, nerd topics and whiskey.


Topics we discuss:

  • Income correlation to effectiveness of Homeschooling
  • Building perspective
    • Traveling
    • Exposing to others
  • Creating Mastermind Adventures
    • How it started as a Game Night
    • What it is now
  • The concept called BLEED
    • Managing the potential dangers




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