Murders, Mysteries, and More

Rudy Uribe, Jr.

A weekly podcast featuring short stories by undiscovered authors. We feature mysteries, comedy, light-hearted, who-done-its, paranormal and more. These authors and stories are showcased here in the hopes of entertaining you. If you want to submit a short story for future consideration, send it to murdersmysteriesandmore@gmail.com

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Pet Peeve
Apr 30 2022
36 mins
Pet PeeveEpisode 11 The Jungle Look/Picking up PenniesWyndham Holmes and the Final ProblemDown for the count-Gurl's Club-Black FridayThe Witch Next DoorA Cold Night in HellEpisode 6 The AdvertisementConversation with an angel/Bernice and Covid-19Episode 4 Meatloaf Surprise/38DDEpisode 3 Bernice and the Purloined PachydermEpisode 2 The Neighbors - Damaged GoodsEpisode 1 - Poetic Justice and Little Boy Lost by Rudy Uribe, Jr.