Dads 'n Dragons


What happens when a 45-year-old who grew up on role-playing games sits down to play with his kids? Welcome to Dads 'n Dragons, a live-play D&D podcast in the world of Ravnica and Theros. I’ve always wanted to share this hobby with my kids, and when the time came I thought it would be easy! I was wrong. In Dads ’n Dragons you’ll hear unique takes on role-playing, on problem solving, and dumb jokes that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Ep.1: A funny thing happened...
Ep.1: A funny thing happened...Ep.2: I fought the law...Ep.3: Good Cop, Bad Cop, Ugly CopEp.4: Tin Street HooligansEp.5: Goblin GrenadeEp.6: Krenko's CommandEp.7: The War of the Spark Part 1Ep.8: The War of the Spark Part 2Ep.9: The War of the Spark Part 3Ep.10: Gruul TurfEp.11: Firebolt to the FaceEp.12: Rubblebelt RaidersEp.13: Rogar's SecretEp.14: Midwinter Holiday SpecialEp.15: Riot ControlEp.16: Peace TalksEp.17: The Nightshade pt 1Ep.18: The Nightshade pt 2Ep.19: The Nightshade pt 3Ep. 20: The Arena pt 1