Balancing Not One, But TWO Kids: Jonathan Martin Returns to the Podcast (Game/Life Balance U.S. Podcast Ep. 056)

Game/Life Balance U.S.

Dec 6 2018 • 1 hr 5 mins

Jon returns from an extended hiatus to talk about what it’s like balancing games and life now that he has not one, but TWO, kids. He and Cody also give updates on what video games they’ve been playing over the last several months.

Show Notes:

* Jon explains why he took multiple months off from the podcast, briefly recounting the story of his new baby’s early arrival (you can hear the full, uncut version of the story on our uncut recording on YouTube)
* Then, Jon talks about how his time has been cut up since having a second baby, and how he was somehow able to finish his Final Fantasy “marathon” and beat multiple Final Fantasy games over 2018
* Turning their attention to video games, they discuss all the changes and updates that have been made to Final Fantasy XV, how much fun Jon had playing through Dead Cells, and why he’s been able to actually play multiplayer matches in Overwatch, despite the fact that his time is fragmented
* Cody explains why he and his wife watched every episode of Star Trek: The Original Series and blogged about their experience in an ongoing series of posts on Cody’s website, which you can find here:
* Cody plugs the GonnaGeek Discord server, which you can join here to chat with Cody, Jon, and several other members of the GonnaGeek Network:
* Cody discusses a 12-hour Lord of the Rings movie marathon and a Lord of the Rings book club he participated in over the summer
* Are the hosts of Game/Life Balance Australia psychic? Cody’s anecdote about AC and pro wrestling games suggests “maybe
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