Mindful Matters: Love. Sex. Spirit.

Dr. Dorree Lynn

Dr. Dorree, almost 8 decades, still a sexy, savvy, s-age. Her advice is ageless. Dr. D's lifetime motto has been “Reach Out. Life Is Too Complex to Do Alone.” Elders are living longer, healthier and sex-filled lives. Younger people are more isolated than ever. As a result of the rapid rise of technology, social isolation and other factors, they are having less sex, have increased loneliness, suicide, violence and their spirits are often shattered. Mindful Matters is the guide you need to help you explore and change how you think and act about your life challenges. Dr. Dorree's wise words, often presented with a touch of risqué humor, may just grab you where you have always wanted to be touched. She knows how to go where you may wish but not know how. Join her for support and answers. Dr. Dorree knows joy and gratitude can help along the way.
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Mindful Matters - 08/20/19
Aug 20 2019
56 mins
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