The Pub 49: Love and Lots of Coffee and Painkillers

The Pub

Nov 29 2021 • 22 mins

In this episode, we talk about The Matrix, including the upcoming Resurrections release. Kayla puts on a leather trench coat and does a slow-motion drop kick off the studio wall, neutralizing several police officers. Jackie takes the red pill, just to see how far down the rabbit hole she can go. Trey walks through an entire crowd of people but completely misses the Woman in the Red Dress. And Dean realizes that, in fact, there is no spoon. Or fork. There are only sporks. Content 1:05: On the Original Matrix "I went in not wanting to like it, and I came out wanting more guns. Lots of guns." --Dean 9:51 The Appeal of the First Film "The whole movie is about living a lie and what it takes to live truly. A lot of people can relate to that." --Trey 15:10: The Trailer "My attention was immediately on Doogie Howser, M.D." --Trey 20:08: What We Hope to See in Resurrections Kayla: I hope they don't make a big point about how everyone uses a cell phone all the time. Just please don't. Jackie: Because old people are always on you about being on your phone? Kayla: Yep, exactly.