The Pub 47: From Flynn's Arcade to Arrakis

The Pub

Nov 22 2021 • 32 mins

In this episode, we talk about Dune. Daniel cries, then bites down on his poison tooth in an attempt to assassinate the the entire cast. Matthew ponders the halluncinogenic qualities of various spices. Trey whispers ominously, narrating the inner thoughts of the cast. And Dean becomes a guild navigator and folds space. Content 1:25: A Non-Duner's Thoughts "I was able to sink into the sands of Dune and enjoy it completely"                                                                        --Matthew 3:03: The Current Film "I can't wait to see the navigators of the spacing guild: the flipper people." --Daniel 11:05: David Lynch's Dune Dean: "Apparently, David Lynch was offered both Dune and Return of the Jedi." Daniel: "Imagine Lynch doing Star Wars. Luke asks Master Yoda if Vader is his father, and Yoda answers by performing interpretive dance." 18:50: Dune, the Novel "The Lord of the Rings was easy compared to Dune. They were just walking and walking and walking. And then they find it and then they walk and the walk and they walk... --Trey  30:47: The Director's Cut  "We need to wait until pot is legal and then watch the six-hour director's cut." --Dean