The Pub 36: Laughing at Corn

The Pub

Feb 3 2021 • 37 mins

Mental Health in Graphic Novels In this episode, we talk about the way graphic novels like I Kill Giants and Hyperbole and A Half deal with mental health issues. Molly sits on a pile of laundry and imagines Superman with ennui. Sarah stows away her grief and doesn't deal with her emotions. Instead, she plays Dungeons & Dragons. Daniel's ice cream falls off his cone, and his cat dies. Luckily, he is wearing his suit of impenetrable armor. And Dean uses his dog's trip to the vet as cover for his manly tears.  Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with Molly Krasel, Daniel Morbach, and Sarah Willis. Content 0:32: I Kill Giants "The book is always better than the movie!"                                      --Molly 6:00: All the Feels Dean: "I did not cry." Sarah: "You LIE!" 13:51: The Title                   "I'll kill you. Boom, boom. Lie down."                                               --Daniel 18:00: Lessons   Molly: "You must sublimate your emotions in a healthy way and accept change."   Sarah: "That sounds like an adult thing to do, and I'm NOT for it." 19:15: Hyperbole and a Half Dean: "Let's talk about the fun of depression!" Daniel: "Okay, you go first." 23:43: All the memes!                  "Let's give them the whole nine yards."                                                       --Dean 27:56:  Understanding Comics                 "If it's a stick figure, I can relate. If it's Brad Pitt in the movie Troy, not so much."                                                       --Daniel