The Pub 43: The Shame Episode

The Pub

Oct 27 2021 • 27 mins

In this episode, we talk about NaNoWriMo, 2021. Dean meets the woman of his dreams in a bookstore and lives happily ever after. Molly writes; she writes endlessly. Sarah grows frustrated, takes her humungous corkboard and leaves the show. And Yurick wins NaNoWriMo! Cast Hosted by Dean Karpowicz, with Molly Krasel, Yurick Makinen, and Sarah Willis. Content 1:00: What is NaNoWriMo? "It's National NOVEL writing month, not November writing month. It just takes place in November." --Sarah 3:36: What are the prizes? "Your prize is you get to spend money." --Yurick 4:40: On Scrivener "I've got the attention span of a goldfish. It's not for me, man." --Sarah 11:29: On Writing Groups "They have a dangerous tendency to talk about writing, without actually doing any writing." --Yurick 13:20: NaNoWriCovid "You know, we were all stuck in our houses. Might as well write a novel!" --Molly 16:30: Spotify Writing Playlists Dean: "I listen to Kitaro" Sarah: "You listen to what, now?" Dean: "He's a Japanese man who looks like a samurai who can also play music." 21:36: Some Tips "Go in with a plan. And if not, get a cheer squad." --Molly