The Pub 46: He's Got Battle Dialogue!

The Pub

Nov 16 2021 • 28 mins

In this episode, we talk about silent protagonists and the way that they affect story in video games. Jon embodies GLaDOS and antagonizes the entire cast. Molly fulfills our contractual obligation by mentioning Fire Emblem at least once (and then at least once more). Dean buys Jon an egg timer. And Sarah remains completely silent for the entire show. Content 1:02: Their Affect on Story Dean: "So it's done well in some instances and poorly in others..." Jon: "Yeah, just like conversations with you, Dean." 2:30: CJ Miozzi on the Use of the Technique "I don't think there were technological limitations or budgetary constraints stopping anyone from adding a few more text boxes to games." --Jon 13:18: Silent Protagonists and Agency "I hate what's happening, but I am still playing it!" --Jon 20:41: Skyrim vs. The Last of Us "I think you're talking about apples and oranges, Dean." --Molly 25:53: Fallout 4 "Shauunnnnn!" --Molly