Full Stack Leader

Ryan Williams

Full Stack Leader is a series of interviews with today's leading technology leaders. The show will cover how they work across some of the main concepts in organizational leadership and resourcing, with a slant toward the digital space. In each episode we sit down with a different leader to hear key stories about their leadership journey as well as run through their Top 5 Tips for inspiring a great team of creators, builders, and innovative thinkers. Full Stack Leader lets you into the minds of some of today's most innovative thinkers. Think of it like attending a session at one of your favorite tech conference. The interviews are fun, professional, and deal with some of today's most interesting IOT innovations. We know that the employees of this person will also probably be listening, so it's important that they have the ability to present themselves well.

Jennifer Limotte - Senior Leader - Product Strategy & ManagementHootan Nikbakht - CTO - Lucky DayJon Fox - UX Design Leader - CrowdstreetMatt Shaw - CTO - WaveAmireh Amirmazaheri - PMO - PMO Global AlliancePaul Gebheim - Engineering Director - Dapper LabsFoad Dabiri - Engineering Manager - TwitterGabriel Bordeaux - Head Engineer - ConfiantTodd Hoffman - CEO - Storied Media GroupDara Sabahi - JPL/NASACraig Merchant - TatariVid Tekriwal - Devoted HealthBen Widhelm - PierLabsFaraz Tabibian - Wonderment AppsSerena Burton - StyleRowSharath Cherian - HipHopDX.com