Background Checks: How They Work and How They Impact Your Business – With Katie Kulp | Ep. #7

Solving Temporary Staffing Problems

May 13 2020 • 23 mins

Stay informed on the process of background checks: the most important kind, how pricing works in the industry, and what screening legislations mean for your business.  Katie Kulp, today’s guest, is an expert in the industry and shares some insider tips and advice with us.  This episode is intended to entertain and ensure you stay in compliance, thus avoiding any legal issues that could arise.

[03:35] – The differences between a state check, a national search check, an unlimited county check, etc…  AND the 3 reasons you might be conducting a background check.

[10:16] – Which background checks to choose (hint: all 3 would be the most thorough), and how the industry prices them out.

[12:49] – How the recent changes in legislation have impacted Background Screening companies like Chane and how they are managing them.

[14:49] – How should you expect your Screening Company to keep you updated on Legislation?

[16:55] – New federal and state PRIVACY LAWS.

[18:13] – What to run and what resources to can use to ensure you’re in compliance.

[21:51]Chane Solutions and where to contact Katie Kulp.


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