194 | Talk About Instagram Reels With Sandra Chau

Talk with Renee Dalo

Aug 10 2023 • 32 mins

If you’re making an Instagram reel, hoping it will go viral, you might want to stop yourself. In today’s episode, I chat with brand expert Sandra Chau about how going viral is so yesterday. We take a reel dive into what you can create that will work for your brand without it taking all your time and energy to put it all together. Sometimes, less is more, and Sandra gives some excellent tips on how you can make reels work for you.

Topics Covered:

why viral is last years problem
brands vibe
play around with content
finding joy in the process
bringing your brand message in a reel
communicating with your visuals
everyone has a different style
portfolio building
don’t worry about being messy
don’t forget the other aspects of your brand
self-care practice