"The Motherhood of God"

"Life, Love, & Light" with Veronica Mary Rolf

Aug 21 2020 • 55 mins

In the Fourteenth Revelation of Julian of Norwich, we discover Julian's mystical theology of The Motherhood of God. These inspired reflections on divine nurturing have made Julian's writings both challenging and extremely relevant for our time -- especially regarding the role of women in the church. In language that is extremely daring and tenderly intimate, Julian reveals the full range of the work of our Mother Christ, who labors to give birth to us on the cross, feeds us with himself, teaches us, disciplines us, and brings us up into the fullness of graced maturity. And even when we fall, our Mother Christ embraces, heals, and comforts us. This is an unparalleled understanding of Christ as our truest Mother who will never leave us. Please share this "Life, Love, & Light" podcast with family and friends who may be in need of consolation and reassurance during these traumatic times. Blessings to all!