"How Christ Saves Us"

"Life, Love, & Light" with Veronica Mary Rolf

Aug 15 2020 • 59 mins

In this episode of the Life, Love, & Light podcasts, we continue delving into the Fourteenth Revelation of Julian of Norwich. We enter into the mystery of the Parable of the Lord and a Servant that took Julian twenty years to interpret. It is a many-layered dramatic story, full of discoveries about why it is that God looks at us without blame, even in our sinfulness. Julian's understanding of this Parable became the foundation for her entire mystical theology and the key to her understanding of all the other Revelations. Please listen and share this extraordinary Parable -- and Julian's interpretation of it -- with family and friends. For those who have longed for clarity about how Christ saves us, it will be a source of great illumination. Blessings!