Mastering Fitness at Any Age with Vic Verdier

The Invigor Medical Podcast

Apr 6 2023 • 44 mins

In this episode, Derek Berkey and Natalie Garland sit down with Vic Verdier, a seasoned fitness professional with a passion for helping men maintain their fitness and wellness as they age. We delve into the reasons why so many people experience a decline in fitness as they get older, exploring the biological mechanisms that make it more challenging to stay in shape. We also discuss the critical role that exercise, diet, and sleep play in maintaining fitness and longevity after the age of 50. With his extensive qualifications in fitness and wellness, Vic shares valuable insights and practical advice on how to optimize your physical and mental health as you age, so you can live your best life for years to come. Tune in to learn more!

Vic is the co-owner of Kettlebility LLC, a Premier Fitness Studio located in Seattle, WA and he specializes in movement and Russian hard-style kettlebell training. He is certified as a StrongFirst Elite Instructor and the co-author of the StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor Toolbox online course. He has written multiple articles for StrongFirst, Breaking Muscle, and other highly recognized fitness publications. His many areas of expertise include fighting techniques like Krav Maga, firearms and martial arts training, and practice with athletes in South-East Asia.

Vic has a BSc in Exercise Science and is certified as a Strength Coach (CSCS) and as a Trainer for several organizations (IKFF, CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, USA Track & Field). He is a certified Nutritionist (C-ISSN), a certified Wilderness EMT, and an Advanced First Aid Instructor Trainer. Vic joined his friend Erwan Le Corre and MovNat - a system of training real-world physical capability. MovNat teaches people all over the world how to move naturally, reclaim their vitality, and become strong by nature.

The Invigor Medical podcast’s mission is to provide personalized medical care through scientifically backed education and wellness solutions. The show is co-hosted by Natalie Garland and Derek Berkey.

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00:38 - Derek’s intro of Vic

01:30 - Vic tells his backstory

04:30 - Paralyzed from a severe scuba decompression sickness

06:15 - Why the decline as we age?

08:27 - Biological factors and aging

10:40 - Advice for those who want to start becoming more active

14:30 - Why is movement so important, and what does it impact?

17:50 - Balance and its importance in daily life - falls and drastic injuries

22:21 - Extending your life with better balance and consistent movement

23:34 - Two very important areas - ankles and falling techniques

27:27 - Dealing with limitations - mental and physical

32:14 - Success stories

35:19 - Enhancing your fitness with a diet similar to our ancestors

38:49 - Testosterone and HGH replacement therapy - should be a last resort

41:30 - Vitamin D, sunlight, testosterone, demonizing sun an

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