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Joe Glines & Jackie Sztuk

We all have more work to get done in less time. These podcasts we discuss various ways to use Robotics Process Automation / Desktop Automation to automate our work / lives.Jackie Sztuk and Joe Glines have been hosting webinars for years. Now we're bringing the Automation discussion to pocasts! Listen and learn powerful ways to use RPA to automate the mundane!
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#128: Personalized Software
Jan 11 2022
13 mins
#128: Personalized Software#127: Should AutoHotkey V2 take on a whole new name?#126: RPA companies and the Exorbitant prices they charge#125: Do resources matter when waiting for a Window?#124: Are key loggers an invasion of privacy?#123: Voice commands in our everyday lives#122: Why people want to perform a memory scan#121: How people and computers are similar in working on tasks#120: Obfuscating vs. Compiling your code