Episode 3: Andrew Howard of Bitcoin Reserve

In Early: The Crypto Podcast

Jan 8 2024 • 57 mins


The third episode of “In Early- The Crypto Podcast” goes through the fundamentals of Bitcoin from a base level, detailing what both Bitcoin and money really are, why Bitcoin has value and how it compares to other assets, what proof of work is and why “decentralised digital money” is so important right now. Huge thanks to Andrew Howard, the Chief Business Development Officer at Bitcoin Reserve, who joined me from Mexico to explain all the above, as well as consider Bitcoin’s energy consumption, and details what Bitcoin culture looks like, amongst other things.

Andrew started in the US Marine Corps at age 17, and served three years of active duty, before teaching himself about the history and theory of money, which inevitably led to Bitcoin. He is now an author, podcaster and industry voice promoting digital money.

He refers to several sources throughout, links to which are below:

Debunking the "bitcoin uses too much energy" myth: https://notonmynode.bitcoinreserve.com/

Why & how bitcoin - everything you need to know in 21 pages: https://pages.bitcoinreserve.com/down...

Self-custody article: https://bitcoinreserve.com/blog/why-y...

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