Leaving A Legacy Of Faith For Multiple Generations with Dr. Richard Blackaby

Popcorn Moments: Faith and Family

Oct 8 2020 • 37 mins

Meet Dr. Richard Blackaby! Richard is the president of Blackaby Ministries International and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Richard travels internationally speaking on spiritual leadership in the home, church, and marketplace as well as on spiritual awakening, experiencing God, and the Christian life. Richard regularly ministers to Christian CEOs, church, and family leaders.

Richard has written or co-authored thirty-five books, including: The Seasons of God: How the Shifting Patterns of Your Life Reveal His Purposes for You; The Inspired Leader: 101 Biblical Reflections for Becoming a Person of Influence; Unlimiting God: Increasing Your Capacity to Experience the Divine; Putting a Face on Grace: Living a Life Worth Passing On; Experiencing God at Home, Rebellious Parenting, Living Out of the Overflow: Serving Out of Your Intimacy with God, Spiritual Leadership Coaching: Connecting People with God’s Heart and Purposes, and Developing a Powerful Praying Church.

He has also co-authored many books with his father, Henry, including: Experiencing God: Revised Edition; Spiritual Leadership: Moving People on to God’s Agenda; Experiencing God: Day by Day; Hearing God’s Voice, and several more.

In this podcast, Richard shares how his parents intentionally passed their faith to he and his siblings and how he and his wife did the same. Is there a "secret sauce" to seeing generations of your family walk with the Lord? Find out in this episode of Popcorn Moments: Faith & Family.

You can find out more about Blackaby Ministries at https://blackaby.org