Find Out How To Live A Legacy Of Faith With Trudy Cathy White

Popcorn Moments: Faith and Family

Oct 21 2020 • 37 mins

S. Truett Cathy, Trudy's Dad, may have invented the Chicken Sandwich we all love at our beloved Chick-fil-a, but what the Cathy's left their family was more valuable. Trudy Cathy White shares with us how her parents, Truett and Jeannette Cathy, lived out a life of faith and love for Jesus and shared their love for Jesus with their kids.

Their relationship with God was so important it was integrated into the very fabric of their lives. As Chick-fil-a grew and spread across the United States, the Cathy family continued to be intentional about living a legacy of faith in front of their kids and grandkids.

In this podcast episode, Trudy shares ways she and her husband John have been intentional at living a legacy of faith with their own kids and grandkids. She encourages us to "own our legacy".  Trudy states, "The legacy we will leave then, is the life we are living now." One of the intentional ways they share about Jesus with their fourteen grandkids, is by having "Mi Pa Camp". A four day camp experience with just them and their grandkids where they create memories and have faith conversations.

Trudy also shares some special memories about her mom and the impact her mom's faith had on their family. Trudy has recently released a book about her mom entitled, "A Quiet Strength: The Life and Legacy of Jeannette M. Cathy" . You can order it from her website and on .  You will most definitely be blessed through how God used her life.

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