Leading with Humility and Recruiting for Character: A Story of Never Giving Up with former NFL player, Don Beebe

Truth Be Told

Apr 17 2024 • 56 mins

In this episode of the Truth Be Told podcast, host Dave Thompson interviews former NFL player Don Beebe. The conversation focuses on communication, both internally and externally, and how it has played a significant role in Beebe's career and life. Beebe shares stories about his journey to the NFL, including a pro day experience that led to his pro career starting before he played a down in college football. He also discusses his first NFL catch and the pressure and anxiety that came with it. Throughout the conversation, Beebe emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, staying prepared, and maintaining a strong sense of identity and humility. Don Beebe discusses the importance of teamwork, character, and resilience in achieving success in sports and in life. He shares the story of the Buffalo Bills' historic comeback in the playoffs and how their never-give-up mentality and strong team culture played a crucial role. Beebe also reflects on his own experiences, including the iconic play where he chased down Leon Lett to prevent a touchdown. He emphasizes the power of faith, contentment, and internal reflection in fighting our battles. Beebe's discusses his youth development program, “House of Speed” and his message to parents in supporting their children while keeping perspective and focusing on character development.


  • Seize opportunities and be prepared for them, as you never know when they will come.
  • Maintain a strong sense of identity and know what truly matters to you.
  • Humility is a key quality of great leaders and can have a significant impact on relationships and team chemistry.
  • Communication is essential in building strong relationships and creating a positive team culture.
  • Chemistry and camaraderie among teammates are crucial for success in sports and other areas of life.
  • Teamwork, character, and resilience are essential for success in sports and in life.
  • A strong team culture and never-give-up mentality can lead to remarkable comebacks.
  • Faith can provide strength and guidance in challenging situations.
  • Contentment and focusing on character development are keys to long-term success.