TCOM Takeaway 6: There's No Such Thing As Recovery

Shift Shift Bloom

Mar 22 2022 • 39 mins

About this episode: John & Kristen discuss Michele McFadden Some things that came up for John & Kristen:,growth%20after%20a%20brain%20injury. (Brain Injury & Positive Growth) (Asking for Help) (Collaboration & Change) (Dogs & Mindfulness) Additional Resources: (TCOM) (The Praed Foundation) (IPH Center) Become a Supporter: If you like what you hear, please consider making a donation on our (Patreon) site! Credits: All content Copyright ActuallyQuiteNice, Inc & TCOM Studios, 2022 Cover art by (@jacksonfall) Music by (Ray Wyssman), (The Simoleons), and (Kristen Cerelli)