Episode 165: Emma Gee - Former BYU Runner - LGBTQ Athlete

The Gametime Guru

Oct 16 2020 • 35 mins

Our college years are filled with stress enough as it is. You have homework, deadlines, exams, etc. If you are an athlete, you have even more stress to go along with it as you have to add your training hours and GPA requirements to the mix.

Now, imagine you were living with a "secret" that you hadn't told anyone. A secret about who you "truly were."

Emma Gee, a former BYU Runner, became the first openly LGBTQ athlete at Brigham Young University when she came out just a few years ago.

Today she shares her story of sports and courage. We hear what it was like in her position and what it was like before and after coming out.

BYU is indeed a private university, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and like many private schools, has an honor code they uphold. This is another topic of discussion for Emma and myself as I ask her about why she continued to go to school at BYU, knowing it was a private university with those guidelines set in place that didn't necessarily go in line with her lifestyle.

It's always great to hear new perspectives in the sports world, and I hope you enjoy our interview! We look forward to reading Emma's book when it is completed!


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