202 NASCAR Daytona 500/Season Preview, and Live Qualifying Reactions

The Bump N’ Run Podcast

Feb 17 2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

It's officially Speed Week 2022 on the Bump N' Run Podcast! This week veteran radio host Michael D. White, Matt ‘The Stat Man’ Reilly, and Daytona Ron discuss the latest NASCAR news including the new drivers council headed by Jeff Burton, Busch Light Launching the "Accelerate Her" program, and the upcoming Daytona 500!

We've got some bold predictions for the 2022 season that we debate, as well as the number of winners, rookie of the year, and who doesn't qualify for the 500.

Plus we're trading stocks! See which driver's stock we're buying, selling, and holding for the 2022 season.

Plus live reaction to Daytona 500 single car qualifying.

All that and more on the Bump N' Run Daytona 500 preview spectacular!

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