Duck Defenders: How John Di Leonardo is Creating a Humane Long Island

Herd Around the Barn

Jun 28 2022 • 0 seconds

This week, Kathy is joined by John Di Leonardo, the founder and president of Humane Long Island. John’s work with PETA, and now with HLI, is the embodiment of “think globally, act locally” approach to social change. During a very lively conversation, Kathy and John talk about:

  • John’s work to eliminate animal use in entertainment on Long Island, including direct protests to Ringling Brothers Circus and the horrific “Banana Derby”
  • Humane Long Island’s incredible victory to prevent an aquarium from being built in a local mall
  • John’s connection to water fowl and birds who face dumping and abandonment on Long Island, and how HLI hopes to create a “transitional sanctuary” to help these animals in need
  • The recent PETA protest at a Manhattan Starbucks, where John joined Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell to urge for plant-based milk upcharges to be eliminated
  • HLI’s teaming up with Horseracing Wrongs to protest the Belmont Stakes earlier this month

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