Empty Cages & Hopeful Futures: How Cruelty Free International is Working to End Animal Testing

Herd Around the Barn

Apr 26 2022 • 0 seconds

In this informative episode, Kathy is joined by Monica Engebretson, the North American Campaign Manager for Cruelty Free International.

  • What “cruelty free” really means and how you can identify products that haven’t been tested on animals by looking for the Leaping Bunny logo
  • The history of animal testing and why it is not the most accurate way to predict human reactions to chemicals
  • Exciting new legislation, both in New York State and at the federal level, that would ban animal testing and spare millions of animals from needless suffering
  • New humane, non-animal based research that will help ensure more accurate studies in laboratories through the HEARTS Act
  • The CARE Act, which will ensure that dogs, cats, and rabbits are placed in loving homes rather than being killed after they are considered “no longer useful” in research

To support Cruelty Free International and learn more about their work, follow the link here.

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