Bringing Vegan to Baltimore: A Conversation with Food Justice Activist Brenda Sanders

Herd Around the Barn

Jul 20 2021 • 0 seconds

Note: While our guest’s audio is perfect, Kathy's is a bit muted in portions of the recording. We apologize, but don’t believe this will impact your enjoyment of this important conversation.

Meet powerhouse Brenda Sanders, a Baltimore food justice activist, bringing veganism to her community and beyond. Kathy and Brenda discuss:

  • how childhood hunger and the predictable illnesses that plague people living in marginalized communities were catalysts for her work
  • the creation of multiple groundbreaking programs and non-profits—a vegan deli and food distributor, an Afro-Vegan Society, the Vegan Soulfest, and more!--to meet the needs of her community
  • how white vegans need to “get that it’s time for a diverse movement”

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