Reflections on the Eventful Summer at CAS

Herd Around the Barn

Aug 2 2022 • 0 seconds

In this special episode of Herd Around the Barn, Kathy is joined by her podcast producer, Clare, to talk about some recent news surrounding the animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. In their conversation, they discuss:

  • How CAS protected their rescued birds from avian influenza through building innovative "birdios"
  • Buddy III’s passing at the age of 35 and how his friend, Buddy IV, is coping with his loss
  • How Kathy is staying optimistic about the future, thanks to the all star team at CAS
  • The upcoming Goat Games virtual fundraiser, which was recently featured in The L.A. Times
  • Why fundraising is so vital for sanctuaries right now due to inflation and Covid-19 related financial issues

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