Two Pints with Will & Ralf

Will Mellor & Ralf Little

For nearly 10 years, Will Mellor and Ralf Little were the voice of a generation – notorious for pushing the boundaries of acceptable humour on British TV. After multiple failed attempts to reunite them, the boys are finally back!

Join Will and Ralf as they chat sh*t to each other, to fellow celebs and to guests with fascinating stories to tell...all over two pints and a helping of bar snacks.

(For legal purposes our lovely lawyers want us to point out this podcast is in no way related to a former BBC TV show of a similar name.)

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Two (alcohol free) Pints with Sober Dave
Jul 3 2022
Two (alcohol free) Pints with Sober Dave
GET EARLY ACCESS TO EPISODES & MORE FOR JUST £4 A MONTH! - SIGN UP TO OUR PATREON HERE is a slightly different, but very important conversation this week, Meet Dave Wilson, DIY TV fans may recognise his face, what a story. Follow him on Instagram and you'll see more about him, and his 'one for the road' podcast, he's an amazing man with a shocking but enlightening story. DAVE! We Salute you. If you're having trouble with alcohol then please, seek help, don't let it get too much, and if you need help talk to the NHS these links may be a good starting place. Please don't suffer alone, as we always say, talk to someone, it's the start of finding a solution. We hope you enjoy this episode, it's tough in parts but important that we have these conversations. Love W&R xx Will Mellor and Ralf Little are finally back in the pub together and they are here for another season of laughs, a few pints and a lot of interesting guests! Brace yourselves for the weird and wonderful as we delve into some of the funniest moments from the podcast, alongside full length episodes with video. Today we sit down with a chap called Sober Dave and talk about his life#TwoPintsWithWillAndRalf #TwoPintsWithWillAndRalfPodcast #SoberDaveFollow Us On Social Media At: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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