Block Forever


NFL All-Pro Ryan Kalil is about to take the conversation about football to the next level.

Block Forever is giving NFL fans an insider’s look at the game through the eyes of the greatest players and personalities of all time.

Host Ryan Kalil talks the biggest game of the week with top players, coaches, and former pros from across the league. He tackles topics like the players’ psyches, sports betting, playing through pain, being a leader, and how to deal with combative teammates. Together, Kalil and his guests get real about what happens on the field and behind the scenes—inside locker rooms, during team meetings, and back at the hotel.

New episodes of Block Forever will be recorded and released every week ahead of Thursday Night Football, bringing the most up-to-date insights directly to fans.

Nothing is out of bounds.

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Our Editor's Take

Ryan Kalil was a highly respected center in the National Football League. He is now bringing his experience and insight to Block Forever, a football podcast.

This series differs significantly from many other football podcasts in original ways. One of the things that make Block Forever unique is Kalil's personal connection to the league. A former professional football player, he has access to areas most journalists do not. It helps that Kalil is not only knowledgeable about the game but sincere as well. This approachable attitude helps to make him an ideal host for this podcast.

Kalil spent over a decade as a center for the Carolina Panthers. He had the opportunity to play alongside superstars like Cam Newton during this time. After leaving the Panthers in 2018, he would spend his final season with the New York Jets before retiring. With this podcast, Kalil has turned his attention to the world of entertainment. Block Forever is one of his many current projects in development.

The host has a lot of football friends, some of whom are still active players in the NFL. Many appear on Block Forever to offer their insights about the current NFL. Podcast guests include JuJu Smith-Schuster and Matthew Slater. NFL coach Ron RIvera, who once coached Kalil, appears as well. Clay Matthews and Andrew Whitworth are two of the retired players who have been on Block Forever. Matthews' appearance is especially notable, as it is his first-ever podcast appearance.

Much of what Block Forever discusses involves the psychology of football. Many issues concerning them, such as leadership skills or injury management, are not well-known. This podcast allows listeners to understand these from the player's perspective. NFL fans may enjoy this podcast.

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