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Need simple strategies to help you grow your business and achieve more without working harder? Struggling to balance work, life, and all your other commitments and don’t want to burnout? You’re in the right place. The Eleshia Show is a holistic business and lifestyle strategy podcast to help you get clear on your business goals, stop procrastinating, boost your income, and do what lights you up. Women are taking notice! We have listeners across 37 countries and over 327 cities! We’re teaching female business owners across the world how to achieve more with less while looking after themselves. And we can do the same for you! We’re having intimate conversations — the kinds that most female business owners are having privately. You don’t want to miss these. Tune in to the podcast every Wednesday to discover exactly what expert CEOs did to get their businesses off the ground and achieve success so you can do the same! With your host, Eleshia Harris, business coach and growth strategist, you can redefine what success means, ditch the stress and confusion and learn how to run your business from a place of ease and excitement. If you want to talk business, wellbeing, lifestyle, mindset, goals, and scaling organic growth, don’t miss it!
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Apr 20 2021
2 mins
How Knowing Your Numbers Can Help You to Know Yourself | Samantha SutherlandThe Easiest Way to Get Started with Your Website Copy | Jacqueline FischHow Being Vulnerable and Learning About Perimenopause and Hormones Can Change Our Lives | Brooke Siler
“Being strong is admitting when you're not.”  - Brooke SilerAs business owners, we try to put on a brave face at all times even if we find ourselves struggling. We believe that we have no choice- that we have to put up and shut up, deal with it all ourselves and push on through regardless. That we are the glue that holds our businesses together and to admit how we feel will leave us looking weak or vulnerable. But as this week’s podcast guest, the incredible Pilates teacher and author, Brooke Siler shares, why vulnerability matters. If we truly want to achieve success and happiness in our lives and businesses, we need to be honest about how we feel, ask for help and perhaps most of all, be kind to ourselves. In this week’s episode, Brooke and I sit down for a refreshingly honest conversation about what it means to be a female business owner. We learn how Pilates helped her regain her best self amidst the problems she faced physically and emotionally, how our hormones can impact our power as entrepreneurs, the power of building genuine relationships and the healing benefits of Pilates. As the former owner of the award-winning Manhattan Studio re: AB Pilates, author of the New York Times’ Best Seller “The Pilates Body” and with big-name clients that include Kirsten Dunst and Kate Moss, Brooke certainly knows what she is talking about. Be inspired by Brooke as we shift our mindset, offer ourselves grace and appreciate just how much our body has done for us. Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-31-how-being-vulnerable-and-learning-about-perimenopause-and-hormones-can-change-our-lives-brooke-siler.
Nov 10 2021
1 hr 12 mins
Pushing For Growth: How I Got Invited Onto the Goal Digger Podcast
Have you ever had a dream that left you feeling excited, inspired, and overwhelmed, all at the same time? So you find the inner strength, push yourself out of your comfort zone and make shit happen. That’s exactly what happened to me when I first started this podcast! It was only by being brave that I was able to seize the opportunity, share key strategies and stories with my audience, and build genuine relationships with other entrepreneurs and female business owners. Imagine that, like me, you’re in the middle of this journey. Then out of the blue, you get invited to be a guest on your business hero’s podcast! That’s exactly what happened when I was featured on Jenna Kutcher’s show, the Goal Digger Podcast! The episode went live on Monday 1st November and you can listen to it here. Literally doing the happy dance right this very instant!I’ll let you take a peek behind the curtain as I share with you key points, takeaways, and SEVEN strategies that I’ve learned from her invaluable experience as a podcaster with a massive platform, successful entrepreneur, all while prepping for baby #2. I picked her brain on how to monetize the podcast, use affiliates to grow my email list, and how to use my podcast stats to hone in on my listener base. If you're an aspiring podcaster or have been looking for strategies to grow your podcast and bring it to the next level, this episode might help you get the dose of inspiration you need. Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-30-pushing-for-growth-how-i-got-invited-onto-the-goal-digger-podcast.
Nov 3 2021
25 mins
5 Ways to Deal with Self-Sabotage
We all want to succeed in life, don’t we? But all too often, we let fear get in the way. We procrastinate or get overwhelmed with all those things we will have to tackle to make our personal and professional goals a reality. We’ve got too much on our plates, we don’t have the time, or worse still, we think that we don’t really have it in us. We self-sabotage with our thoughts or our behaviour and let our dreams and goals slip through our fingers. However, this fear is all part of the process. But to finish the race and achieve big things, you must keep your head up, gather the courage and run towards your goal.You have to ask yourself: Am I pushing myself towards my goal? Am I doing enough to keep moving forward and achieve things for my growth?By identifying your unique patterns of behaviour, you can identify strategies to both stop them in their tracks and create new healthy habits that foster confidence and success. In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing five strategies that will help you stop self-sabotaging and move forward with your life. I use these strategies when I am getting to a place where my inner critic is becoming so loud that  I just want to sit down and do nothing. Join me as I talk about procrastination, overwhelm, and overcoming your fears. If you want to talk business, wellbeing, lifestyle, mindset, goals, and scaling organic growth, don’t miss it!Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-29-5-ways-to-deal-with-self-sabotage.
Oct 27 2021
15 mins
Why Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone is Key to Your Success | Nikki Rogers
Oct 20 2021
44 mins
Are You Still Making These Mistakes with Food? | Pamela Windle
We know that we need to eat a delicious, balanced diet full of fresh produce if we want to enjoy optimal health. We hear it on the news, we read it in blog posts and we understand that what we put into our bodies matters. But how often do you make compromises for the sake of convenience? How often do you pull that ready-made (and perhaps even organic) pizza from the freezer because you’re short on time, you’ve had a stressful week or you just can’t be bothered to cook? It isn’t our fault. We live busy lifestyles and the convenience that these foods offer has changed our lives. But by making these choices, we are neglecting our health. We’re needlessly putting ourselves at greater risk of hormone problems, sleep problems, illness and much more besides by exposing ourselves to the additives, preservatives and other chemicals that these foods contain. Even adding that quick squirt of ketchup to our organic meal will undo all your hard work. In this week’s episode, I’m joined again by women’s health coach, hypnotherapist and personal trainer, Pamela Windle to discuss why we need to open our eyes, reduce our exposure to chemicals and go back to how we used to cook and eat. We’ll be discovering how our food choices impact our hormones, mood, sleep and our overall wellbeing and why many of us still choose to use ready-made foods in our kitchens.We’ll also explore the role of gut health when it comes to wellness, explore the benefits of batch cooking and food prep and share some alternatives for the plastic items we use every day. Join us for this episode to learn how YOU can take action and make the change to keep your body healthy as you age.Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-27-are-you-still-making-these-mistakes-with-food-pamela-windle.
Oct 13 2021
29 mins
Is It Because of My Skin Colour?
Do you ever feel like the world is treating you unfairly or discriminating against you? That everywhere around you, people are casting horrible judgements on you for being female, a solo parent, still single, LGBTQ+, a certain ethnicity or religion, having a funny accent or whatever else they choose to pick up on first. This can really hurt. It can make you feel afraid, isolated and anxious. It affects your self-esteem, can destroy your self-confidence and can even make you feel ashamed of who you are. And although we have come a long way when it comes to discrimination and racism, we’re definitely not even close yet. It still happens every single day across the world. It happens to me. But unlike before, we’re not willing to accept this. We’ve learned to stand up, protect ourselves and fight for what we deserve. It isn’t easy, but the experience makes us stronger than ever. That’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this episode. I’ll be sharing stories with you about the discrimination I’ve faced throughout my life as a black woman, including why a company’s culture made me decide to start working on my own. I’ll also explain the key role that boundaries play when learning to respect others. If you’re also someone who wants to step out of their comfort zone, follow their dreams, and start their own business, you’re going to love this episode. Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-26-is-it-because-of-my-skin-colour.
Oct 6 2021
16 mins
Why You Need to Start with YOU
Answer this question for me: WHY do you want to build your business? What are you doing all of this for? And why do you want to have a balance between making your career and financial dreams come true and having a healthy, happy personal life?Over the past few weeks, we’ve been focussing on topics such as believing in yourself, creating productive systems, accountability, time blocking and looking after your own needs. But there is one key message that I want to bring home to you in this episode. You need to start with you. When you can put yourself at the core of your business, find what motivates you and take action (however small) you can beat overwhelm and procrastination and start making your dreams come true. I've always believed that if you are not well, you have no business. Therefore, you need to invest in yourself and your own well-being so everything else will follow. Start small. Make a decision. Make a 1% change. And start making it happen! In this week's episode, I’m here to help you do just that. I’ll be sharing my personal insight, strategies and stories that can help you enhance your well-being and build your business. We’ll be talking about everything from how I do my internal reset, how journaling helps clear the mind and refresh the soul and how you could get clear on your desires, goals, and dreams. Don’t miss it! You can also check out other related episodes on how you can invest in yourself to keep your businesses thriving. Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-25-why-you-need-to-start-with-you.
Sep 29 2021
14 mins
How Time Blocking Benefits You and Your BusinessWhy Accountability Counts
"You are the most important thing in your business because you are the driver to get the things that you want to get done.” - Eleshia HarrisWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘accountability’? Like many others, you probably think of business accountability. Saying that you’ll do something, then following through and getting it done. Taking responsibility for your actions, behaviour, performance, and decisions when you’re running your business and ensuring your projects and ideas reach their full potential. Pushing yourself forward to achieve your dreams. But it can also refer to our personal lives. Making sure we are there when our kids need us, that we get those essential tasks ticked off our lists, finding time for self-care and all the other responsibilities that we have. If we don’t keep ourselves accountable, we won’t keep our heads above water. We won’t be able to care for ourselves, our families, and our businesses to the best of our abilities. That’s why, if we want to achieve real, meaningful success, we need to focus on accountability. But that doesn’t mean that you have to beat yourself up to get it all done. Nor do you need to sacrifice your sanity or in the process. You simply need to take your time to reflect, understand, and learn from the mistakes you made in the past. This episode is going to help you do exactly that. I’ll be talking about what I do to keep myself accountable and explain exactly what external accountability means. You’ll learn how to live more harmoniously by spending more time looking after yourself while building your business and ensuring that you don’t get burnt out!So what are you waiting for? Listen to the full episode today! If you’re an entrepreneur who’s looking for an accountability partner or a business bestie, feel free to join us at our Autumn Academy here - www.eleshialifestyle.com/e-lifestyle-implementation-summer-school-2cc02666-2244-4e7e-aedb-5ff007f03894.Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-23-why-accountability-counts.
Sep 15 2021
20 mins
Systems and Products That I Use to Help My Working Day Flow
Sep 8 2021
25 mins
4 Planning Prompts That Help When Creating a Holistic Plan
We as entrepreneurs are constantly multitasking and juggling our commitments to get things done each day.But when was the last time you assessed yourself and your balance of time and energy? Are you sacrificing certain parts of your life in order to get stuff done? Are you taking care of yourself? Getting enough sleep? Eating well? Staying hydrated? How did last month go for you overall? If you’re having a hard time keeping a balance, this episode can be your guide. It will help you get focused, prioritise what counts and understand what you need to think about when you’re putting your plan into action. Over the last month, the Eleshia Lifestyle community has been experiencing a summer school that allowed them to work on their businesses during the summer holidays whilst still sharing time with their family. It’s a short but sweet episode that gives you a quick insight into the summer school and explains how I manage to stay focused whilst getting results. We talk about everything from goal-setting, planning, taking down notes, tracking achievements, and much more. Did you miss our summer school? Don’t worry, you could still join the next one coming this September so make sure to sign up to be updated by checking this link out - https://www.eleshialifestyle.com/e-lifestyle-implementation-summer-school-2cc02666-2244-4e7e-aedb-5ff007f03894!Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-21-4-planning-prompts-that-help-when-creating-a-holistic-plan.
Sep 1 2021
13 mins
How I Conquer Burnout
Feeling tired, overwhelmed, and stressed all the time? Do you doubt yourself, feel helpless and struggle to get things ticked off your ‘to do’ list?If so, you could be suffering from an increasingly common phenomenon known as ‘burnout’. It’s caused by chronic stress and is often triggered by a combination of too much stress at work, family responsibilities, financial issues, bereavement, toxic relationships and much more besides. Many of us end up burnout without ever realising that is what we are experiencing. We are so busy charging around getting stuff done that we never even notice the toll that it’s taking on our bodies and minds. What we need is the space to recharge and rethink our approach to life. To take care of our bodies and minds, protect our health, and allow ourselves to make our dreams come through. Opening up the conversation about burnout is a vital part of avoiding it. This is why, in this episode, we will be sitting down and talking about how it happens, the role that imposter syndrome plays, how to handle burnout and how to avoid it in the first place. Just like Eleshia, you’ll learn why spending quality time with yourself is beneficial, how sleep makes a difference to your body, how to end toxic relationships, and how taking care of your wellbeing can affect your overall quality of life.Join us for this episode and learn how to think, act and move from a place of love, hit that pause button so you can reflect and listen to what’s within and harness your creative mindset. This is how you can live the best life that you want!Don't forget to also check out Michelle Rohr's episode - Part 1 & Part 2, as she shares her journey on how she sparked the changes to her mindset and behavior so she could step up and make an impact in the world.Click here for the full show notes.
Aug 24 2021
20 mins
Living with Autism
"Sometimes when people talk to carers, they are always so sad about the situation which doesn't always make us as carers feel good. " - Eleshia HarrisAutism is a complex range of conditions that are characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech, and nonverbal communication. Affecting the person for life and differing from person to person, it can affect the way they live their lives and interact with the world. If you’re living with a person on the autism spectrum, you’ll need to have a great deal of patience, understanding, attention and love so you can help provide them with the support they need to thrive. Although our society is starting to open up and talk more about autism, there is still a certain degree of stigma attached. That’s why we need to communicate more openly about what it means to live with the condition and what it means to care for someone with autism. In this week’s episode, Eleshia shares her journey as a carer, sister, and mum to her younger brother Jordan who has autism and tells us how she learned to handle fear, develop responsibility and patience and use love to conquer all. Listen to the episode, get inspired and have a more profound insight as to how it feels to live with autism with gratefulness and appreciation. It’s also a great episode to start with if you intend to parent mindfully because we can change the world for those with autism. We can teach our children the importance of treating others as equals, regardless of race, gender, economic status, education, sexual orientation and especially differing abilities. Click here for the full show notes.
Aug 18 2021
15 mins
Why I Decided to Parent Mindfully | Marisa Raymond
“The crux of a mindful family, if I sum it up in one sentence, is how you interact with your family members so that everyone feels seen and heard.” - Marisa RaymondBeing a parent is a difficult task. Aside from changing nappies, being up all night with a crying baby, and doing your best to juggle everything, it’s constant. You don’t get a second off unless you have childcare or they fall asleep. But what's even harder is learning how to manage the ups and downs that life may bring and keeping everyone healthy and happy whilst also finding a little time for yourself. Sometimes you just need to relax, take a deep breath and allow yourself to focus on the things that matter the most. In this week’s episode, Eleshia is joined by Marisa Raymond, a parenting coach, yoga teacher, and genetic counsellor to learn how mindful parenting can help. They’ll be discussing what mindful parenting is, why it matters and how it can help your children grow up to be well-balanced, respectful, and loving individuals. Listen to the episode to learn how to calm the chaos in your home proactively, why having family meetings are helpful, how to find the right level of communication with your children, and how to be more intentional and mindful. And remember- there's no such thing as perfect parents. You don't have to figure everything out all at once. Each day, you’ll learn how to be more mindful in everything that you do and discover how to manage your unique family’s long-term happiness.Click here for the full show notes.
Aug 10 2021
45 mins
How I Thrived and Survived Cancer while Managing Medical Menopause | Rachel Cooper Kennedy
“Knowledge is power, but actually understanding when, where, and with whom to share that knowledge is wisdom.” - Rachel Cooper KennedyCancer is one of the most feared medical conditions in the world. So much so that many people avoid mentioning the dreaded ‘C’ word. But why?Is it right that we feel ashamed? Or that we whisper about it in conversations for fear of being shunned or pitied by others? Do we really have the information we need to protect ourselves and our bodies? And what about those on their own cancer journey- do they have someone to talk to about it? In this episode of the podcast, Eleshia is joined by the inspirational Rachel Cooper Kennedy, a natural lifestyle coach, essential oils guide, and host of the radio programme “Natural Solutions Show”. They bravely open up the discussion about cancer, sharing all those nitty-gritty details such as the hardest decision that Rachel made in her life, her fears, and dealing with the emotional trauma. From seeing the symptoms to paying attention to the signals that her body is showing her, she learned to accept the changes in her body that she needed to go through to conquer breast cancer.Rachel’s story is powerful as it is something that many cancer patients and survivors experience. Tune in as both women share the benefits of natural oils, green cleaning, academic approach to fasting, oxygen therapy, the keto diet, and how they all work together.If you know anybody who’s going through their diagnosis and might need deeper support, share this episode with them! The only way we can help is by creating a safe space to talk, providing the support they need, and letting others learn from their experiences. You can also check out Rachel’s favourite book here.Click here for the full show notes.
Aug 3 2021
50 mins
The Things You Need to Know About Perimenopausal Belly Fat | Pamela Windle
We often complain that women have it harder than men. Unlike the opposite sex, we have to face periods, childbirth (if we choose to have children) and menopause. That’s not even mentioning the burden of our daily responsibilities, lower wages, matters of personal safety, discrimination and our emotional ups and downs. However, it’s these very struggles that make us strong. They force us to stand up for what we believe in, develop coping strategies to help us manage our lives, and tune in to the incredible changes that happen within our bodies every month. The perimenopause - the years of hormonal transition before menopause- brings us back to our physical selves and reminds us of the cycle of life and what it means to be a woman. During this natural stage in a woman’s life, you may start to notice that you feel more anxious than usual, that your energy levels are low, that your periods are heavier than normal, that you are gaining weight in all the ‘wrong’ places and that sex isn’t as enjoyable as it was before. But it doesn’t need to be like this. By equipping yourself with the necessary information and learning to love and accept this transitional stage, you can continue to live your life to the fullest, look and feel fantastic, and still reach your personal and business goals. In this episode of the podcast, host Eleshia is joined by expert women’s health coach and hypnotherapist, Pamela Windle to discuss how you can stay healthy at different stages of perimenopause and menopause. They explore topics such as oestrogen, detoxification, hormonal shifts, weight gain, stress, diet and everything you need to know to feel empowered at this often challenging time. Get ready to listen and hit play!Click here for the full show notes.
Jul 28 2021
35 mins
8 Things to Consider When Life Gets Overwhelming
How do you spend your time on an average day? When was the last time you paused and appreciated the beauty of each moment in front of you?Sometimes we believe that we need to stay busy to be productive. That having a lot on our plate will help us feel valued, in-demand, and on top of our game. But it's not always the case. Having too many obligations and responsibilities could have the opposite effect and might even harm our productivity, well-being, and relationships. So, if you have been focused on achieving your goals and being successful in business despite the mental breakdowns, pressure, and physical fatigue we feel, it's time for you to start asking yourself one key question. How am I? Remember, self-care is not being selfish. It’s necessary. It helps us maintain a sense of balance, peace, and sanity in an otherwise crazy-hectic world. You need to give yourself space, check how you feel, and stop feeling guilty about giving yourself this essential time to breathe. Track your period, learn about your cycle and use this information to develop an effective self-care plan that allows you to honour your body and optimise what you can offer the world. In this week’s episode of the podcast, we’ll be focusing on this stage of overwhelm and listening to Eleshia share her own experience with self-care. She’ll be sharing the eight things you need to check with yourself when you feel that life is getting on top of you so you can feel empowered once again.And, as I mentioned in this episode, I'm doing a summer programme to help you prioritise, get organised, and implement what you've been putting off in your business. Join the E-Lifestyle Implementation Summer School and be with a community of like-minded women moving towards their goals. Limited spaces are available. I hope to see you in the programme!Click here for the full show notes.
Jul 21 2021
23 mins
Rock Your Menopause | Harnessing the Female Cycle and Learning to Live in Flow with Eleshia Harris and Mairi Taylor - Part 6 of 6
Menopause. How do you feel when you hear that word?For many, the word sparks feelings of anxiety and frustration. We feel old. We feel sad. We are forced to face these unwanted changes in our bodies and do our best to make sense of this new chapter of our lives. Yet menopause is a natural and gradual process that doesn’t signify the end, but a brand new beginning that magnifies our unwavering strength and the immense power that lies within ourselves. They are part of the cycle of life that we have to face. Together, we will conquer the world, having a more positive mindset, healthier lifestyle, and better overall wellbeing as we approach this transformational time of our lives.In the sixth and last part of our series ‘Harnessing Your Female Cycle and Learning to Live in Flow’, Eleshia and Mairi talk about everything you need to know about menopause so you can approach this natural phase of life feeling more informed and can accept and embrace it with enthusiasm and gratitude. Even if you’re in your thirties and don’t think this applies to you yet, make sure you listen. The shift starts around 35 and you owe it to yourself to understand what might lie ahead. It’s been amazing to go through each phase of the female cycle and share so much knowledge, information, and inspiration. We hope you enjoyed the series as much as we did. If you’re new here, don’t forget to listen to the first five episodes of our series so you can benefit from everything we’ve discussed so far. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Eleshia Show because we’re here to share knowledge, learn from each other and become stronger, more empowered women.Click here for the full show notes.
Jul 14 2021
1 hr 9 mins