How Time Blocking Benefits You and Your Business

The Eleshia Show

Sep 21 2021 • 15 mins

Do you ever wish you could control your schedule so it couldn’t control you?

That you could maximise the time you have, stay completely on top of your game, get stuff done and find time for yourself and your family too?

One of my favourite productivity hacks- Time Blocking- will definitely make a difference to your life!

It’s the perfect tool for you if you juggle multiple responsibilities, spend too much time responding to emails and messages, battle constant interruptions or struggle to find the mental space to grow your business dream.

In this episode, I’ll be explaining everything you need to know about time blocking and how I use it to optimise my time and keep my life beautifully balanced (well, I try!)

I’ll be revealing how I spend my days envisioning, planning, and dreaming of tasks that need to be done and how I can take action in doing it.

I’ll also be sharing info about the project management tools, applications and websites I use to help me prioritize my tasks, get my work done and move on to my next goals. By using them, I know I’ll still have the time and energy to see my family and friends whilst having the satisfaction that I’ve got stuff done!

Click this link for the full show notes: www.eleshialifestyle.com/blog/episode-24-how-time-blocking-benefits-you-and-your-business.