Bipolar Faith with Dr. Monica A. Coleman

Rector’s Cupboard

Mar 18 2022 • 56 mins

Is God with us? If so, how?

Is God omnipresent and all-powerful? If you have thought about faith at all, then you have considered the tension present in believing in an all-powerful God, present with you, and the difficult, sometimes terrible realities of life. Dr. Monica Coleman is a writer, theologian, and educator who outlines a particular way of addressing the question of God’s presence. In her book, Bipolar Faith, she tells her story of growing up, her story of faith, and her story of trauma and mental health. She does this within the frame of a larger consideration of what it means that God is present in this world, that God is with us.

We won’t give away just what she has to say, we’ll simply say that we hear from Dr. Coleman a spiritual theology that speaks about God’s constant presence in change. Such understanding can be consoling, realistic, and even hopeful.

If you're interested in learning more about process theology, Dr. Coleman offers a course, Process Theology 101.