10 Episodes You Loved This Year

This Mom Knows

Feb 15 2022 • 9 mins

We're celebrating and it's all thanks to you!

Did you know most podcasts don't make it past 10 episodes? (True story!) But thanks to you, This Mom Knows is 1-year old!

To celebrate we're highlighting your favorite episodes of this past year.

Connect with me and let me hear your thoughts:

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Resources mentioned:

Episode 3: Jenn Uren on Overwhelm
Episode 5: Crystal Paine on Love-Centered Parenting
Get a copy of Love-Centered Parenting
Episode 6: Jenn Uren on Adoption & Trauma
Episode 35: Jenn Uren on The 90 Day Year
Episode 39: Emily Morgan on The Power of Delegation
(also check out Episode 48: Jenn Uren on What is a System (and Why Does it Matter)?)
Episode 41: Melissa Tubergen on Non-Profits are Entrepreneurial too!
Episode 43: Carolyn Dun on Generosity
Episode 44: Jenn Uren on Your Mom Team
Episode 45: Amanda Cunningham on Creating the Solution You Need
Episode 49: Jenn Uren - It's About Time

Recipe for a Perfect System: http://www.thismomknows.com/system

Link to transcript: https://www.thismomknows.com/blog/episode-54

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Moms know a lot of things, and when we start talking, ideas form, energy builds, and we take action. This Mom Knows is a place for moms to mompreneurs to find encouragement, connection, and maybe even collaboration but most importantly community with moms who know.  So, grab a cup of coffee, maybe a paper and pencil to jot down an idea or two, and let's discover what This Mom Knows.