Giving is More Than a Gift: An Encore Episode

This Mom Knows

Nov 29 2022 • 26 mins

In this podcast episode, Carolyn Dun discusses her simple approach to generosity and how it has made a deep impact.

Carolyn Dun is a connector extraordinaire and saw a gap between small, locally focused nonprofits and the abundance of resources in the communities around her. She founded Community Purse, a giving circle that has donated nearly half a million dollars to community organizations.

In this episode we talk about the benefits of generosity, both for the individual and for the community, how she embraced generosity through various biblical stewardship studies as well as how she started Community Purse, a simple, yet elegant giving circle that has been the catalyst for impacting numerous local organizations from the generosity of hundreds of women.


I have yet to run into an unhappy, generous person.

Topics we discuss

  • The gap between small locally focused nonprofits and available resources in communities
  • Community Purse: a giving circle started by Carolyn Dun
  • The definition of generosity and its various forms
  • The inspiration behind the creation of Community Purse
  • How Community Purse works: quarterly meetings, pooling resources, and grant selection process
  • The impact of giving collectively as a group
  • The benefits of generosity on physical and mental health
  • Overcoming objections to giving and the flexibility of contribution
  • The range of nonprofits supported by Community Purse
  • Geographic limitations and vetting procedures for nonprofit selection
  • The difference between a good ask and a great ask for grant recipients
  • The power of storytelling and client testimonials in nonprofit presentations
  • The positive reception of Community Purse by nonprofits and potential involvement of churches in the community
  • Carolyn's favorite time-saving tool

Community Purse
Generous Giving
National Christian Foundation
Crown Financial Ministries
Why Giving is Good for Your Health

Carolyn's favorite time-saving tool is the donor advised fund National Christian Foundation, but she also loves her fitbit!

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