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Jan 31 2023 • 37 mins

Heather Greco hails from Texas, is mom of 3, and as the founder of Chaos 'n Cookies an entrepreneur and a podcaster. Keeping moms from crumbling is her main objective. Through her example and experience, she shows how managing your time wisely, delegating tasks, creating systems at home, and seeking support from others, can help any mom find success as an entrepreneur while still balancing family life.

With over 10 years as a director of marketing helping build multiple six and seven figure businesses for other women, Heather created the Chaos Control System to equip moms to overcome their own objections so they can live the life they want to live, start that business they've always wanted, and embrace their role as mom without letting it define who they are.

And she wants to help you, too.

As a mompreneur, trying to grow a business can be quite challenging, you’re faced with a lot of challenges. You need to be able to juggle your business, family life, and personal goals all at once, and it can seem like you’re always on the run. Being a successful entrepreneur takes discipline, dedication, and hard work, but with the right tools and resources at hand anyone can reach their goals.

Heather strongly believes that automation is an essential tool for managing the stress of taking care of business, home, and kids simultaneously. By automating certain tasks and using systems, busy moms can streamline their workflows, utilize their limited time, and make space for making good decisions. This lets you as a mompreneur be productive without feeling guilty or sacrificing valuable family time. Moms can find balance in their lives as they strive to build successful businesses while still ensuring that their families are provided with the best care possible.

Topics Discussed

● Heather’s favorite cookie
● How Chaos 'n Cookies started
● Finding time and making things easier without feeling guilty
● Putting system into place
● How a family playbook can help your home and family
● The importance of having clear expectations
● Advice to the mom who wants to have their own business (and how to make it simple)
● The biggest marketing mistake
● The simplest marketing strategy you could start right now
● Social Media tips and strategy
● The best thing that she ever outsourced as a mom
● Her favorite time saving gadget, systems or tool

Resources and Links from the Show

Chaos n’ Cookies Family Playbook
Chaos n’ Cookies Podcast
No-Problem Parenting Book
Free Pocket Playbook
Hourglass timer

Link to the transcript: https://www.thismomknows.com/blog/episode-69

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