Mary Snyder on Taking Your Message to the Stage

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May 24 2022 • 39 mins

You have a message to share! Maybe it's a life experience that shaped you, a topic you have a lot of experience with, or a situation you want to help people avoid.

Mary Snyder is all about helping women take the message they have in their hearts and turn it into a speaking career.

Meet our Guest Mary:

Mary is a speaker, event, and tour producer. One of her favorite things is to emcee events for other speakers. Mary has a passion to help women take their message that is burning in their heart and start a speaking career. She's the host of Take the Stage Podcast and founder of Activate Your Speaking Career. But more than that, she's a mom and grandma and loves life in a small town in Alabama.

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Topics we cover:

  • Mary's desire to help women start a speaking career
  • Mary's journey as a speaker
  • Motivation behind Mary's transition from being a speaker to starting a speaker training business
  • Shifting to working in the speaking touring world before the pandemic hit
  • Starting a podcast for speakers during the pandemic
  • Finding time for creativity and starting a business
  • Balancing home, family, and building a business
  • Strategic time management, setting priorities, and delegating responsibilities
  • Balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship
  • Understanding the seasons of life and adapting to change
  • Recognizing that success takes time and consistency
  • Favorite time-saving gadget

Resources mentioned:

Recipe Activate your speaking career; check out her courses at and register at a Perfect System:

Mary's favorite time saving gadgets are her timer and Asana for project management

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