Ep 64: You Already Hold the Codes of What You Desire Inside of You

Sex & Wealth Codes

May 21 2021 • 25 mins

Can you do something for me, lover? Conjure up your juiciest desire. Okay - now imagine if manifesting it was INEVITABLE. In today’s episode, I dive into my multi-orgasmic millionaire desire, the truth that it already exists inside of me (and that your desires do too!), and how you can calibrate your energy and seduce yourself into your deepest desires by getting attuned to the erotic codes you already hold inside.

I get into:

  • The practices I use around becoming a multi-orgasmic millionaire (and how you can use them to bring your juiciest desires to you!)
  • How I know a million-dollar year is INEVITABLE for me
  • Why Erotic Headmistress mindset work is the foundation of my work with clients
  • How I use sexy reframes to domme the unconscious shit around a goal!
  • And more!

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