Episode 6 - Stan Chiu : Target Value and Lean Design

The Lean Construction Blog's Podcast

Aug 23 2021 • 48 mins

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Stan Chiu is a legendary architect in the Lean Community.  I first met Stan at the California Prison Healthcare Receivership program in Sacramento in 2008.  His journey in lean had begun a few years earlier with Sutter Health, but like all of us, he was willing to invent a new way of seeing, knowing and doing.  Along with Michael Jackson, he was the CPR’s first “Chief Engineer,” the person dubbed by the Toyota Production System as the leader of the processes designed to solve a problem.  Stan’s remarkable and diverse background prepared him for that moment and he has continued to lead teams in lean healthcare design for the last 15 years.  Join us as Stan talks about the role of the “lean” designer in today’s paradigm.  P.S.  If you really want to understand Target Value Design, listen up.