Podfest Expo 2024 Part 2: Ageless Podcasters & Business Owners


May 22 2024 • 25 mins

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In Part 2 of  Ageless Podcasters from Podfest Expo 2024, in Orlando, FL, you'll meet some phenomenal business owners, plus amazing Ageless Glamour Girls "Rising." Please follow them and subscribe to their podcasts and the Ageless Glamour Girls Podcast! Thanks for the love, Luvvies!

Joanne “Jo” Weiland | LinktoExpert Podcast Joanne Weiland is the Chief Connections Officer at LinktoEXPERT. "I created LinktoEXPERT to make Innovation Easy. Only 5% of people implement their ideas. Why don’t more people implement their ideas? It often takes people with various skill sets to bring a new product or service to market. You'll find qualified candidates to collaborate with, and secure experts in minutes, at LinktoExpert.com, an online resource."

Veronica Life | Overcomer, Founder PurpleitUp, Inc. Veronica Life, of Purple it Up! brings education and awareness to violence in the home. Veronica's request: "Don't be silent about domestic violence. Be a listener and an advocate for professional help! Our ongoing mission is to develop outreach ministries nationally to support the victims of domestic violence. The main goal is to educate, encourage, support outreach, and empower advocacy. It is a necessary resource for victims to be able to look forward and succeed in the rebuilding process.

Kiona Nessenbaum | Birth As We Know It Podcast
Kiona Nessenbaum lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband Kumar, their three children, and two dogs. She loves to read,  hike, spend quality time with her family, and has a strong passion for all things birth. She has professionally experienced over 140 births in the roles of a student midwife, birth doula, and birth assistant. Kiona is the host of Birth As We Know It, a podcast dedicated to recognizing the many different ways birth unfolds. She is deeply interested in learning more about how unique birth is to each individual.

Erykah Holloway | Take 30 Podcast Erykah Holloway a native of Tampa, FL, is a podcaster and mental health advocate. "Mental health is very near and dear to my heart; I have struggled with anxiety since I was about age 4, and I didn’t seek therapy until about 2 years ago. I realized that mental health has not been discussed enough in society, which led me to create the podcast. The Take 30 Podcast aims to provide a safe space for individuals who are going through mental health challenges. We hope to raise awareness and start having conversations about our mental health struggles."

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