Finding Purpose After 50: Dr. Pamela Jackson Smith


Aug 9 2023 • 20 mins

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How do you re-purpose your life after 50, especially following missteps or a tragedy?  Enter a life coach. It's time to talk about finding your purpose.

On this week's Ageless Glamour Girls Podcast, we're revisiting another fan fav: “Finding Your Purpose After 50,” with guest - Dr. Pamela Jackson Smith, a Certified Life Coach and Owner of Jacksmith Coaching and Consulting, LLC - aka - Dr. Pam’s Place for Coaching.

(Original airdate: 4/13/2022)

Dr. Pamela Jackson-Smith, Owner - Jacksmith Coaching and Consulting LLC.

I am Dr. Pam, Your Favorite Life Coach! I help successful high-achieving women RECREATE AND REIGNITE their PURPOSE and PASSION for life in 30 days! A good Coach can change a game, and a great Coach can Change a Life. My lifelong goal has been to be a voice for those whose voices otherwise would not be heard. My passion is the empowerment of women who are experiencing the pain of the human journey.

*Coached hundreds of clients from being stuck to being empowered

*Over 25 years in Education Administration

*Over 25 years in Evangelism

*Published Doctoral Dissertation on Women and Resiliency

*Certified Life Coach (add seal)

*Created and curated over 100 Women Empowerment experiences,
workshops and seminars

*Committed to walk in my Divine Purpose to help my sisters in need of Purpose.

Formally educated:
a. Spelman College, BA in Economics/Math
b. University of Central Florida M.Ed. Mental Health Counseling
c. Northern Illinois University, Ed.D. Counselor Education and Supervision

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